Safeguarding Mission Statement

In Caledonia Campus we are committed to creating an atmosphere where all our students feel safe, valued, respected and included.

“All children and young people in Scotland have the right to be cared for and protected from harm and to grow up in a safe environment in which their rights and needs are respected. The welfare of children is paramount.”   (Scottish Government)

Our policy is based on the Getting It Right for Every Child (GIRFEC) national approach to improving outcomes and supporting wellbeing of children and young people in Scotland, the Protecting Children and Young People: Framework for Standards (2004), the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act (2014), the National Guidance for child protection in Scotland (2014), SCIS Guidance on Child Protection (2018), and FLT safeguarding guidance.

 “It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect children” (GIRFEC)

Safeguarding team in Caledonia Campus:

The Safeguarding Trustee: Mr Richard Steven

The Head Teacher: Mrs Claire Swail

The Child Protection Coordinator/Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Marta Petrikova

The Deputies: Mrs Claire Swail

Miss Emma Davidson in North

Mr Thomas Skelton in South


We aim to

  • ensure that all staff and volunteers within Caledonia Campus are aware of their responsibility to protect our students from all forms of neglect, abuse and discrimination; aware of our safeguarding and child protection guidelines; recognise and respond effectively to issues that are a cause for concern
  • ensure that our students, through the Personal, Social and Health Education programme, have opportunity to develop appropriate life and social skills including being aware of how to resist or avoid abuse and how to seek the support within school
  • ensure that all parents are aware of and understand the school’s safeguarding and child protection policies, and understand that where necessary, information may be shared with other agencies
  • ensure that all safeguarding and child protection concerns are recorded and stored securely, in accordance with the FLT guidance on electronic record keeping on CPOMS (Child Protection Online Management System)

To keep up-to-date with new legislation, we review our safeguarding and child protection policy and procedures annually. All staff attend a safeguarding and child protection training to refresh their knowledge every two to three years. All new staff receive safeguarding and child protection training within two weeks of their appointment. All staff and volunteers have access to the Caledonia Campus Code of Conduct and safeguarding and child protection policies and guidelines.

All members of our community are encouraged to keep safe and healthy.  All students participate in PE lessons and are encouraged to be active at break times and out of school. We encourage healthy eating through work in food and nutrition, and in Personal, Social and Health Education.

Our North and South sites are secure and regularly audited for Health and Safety compliance alongside food hygiene.

We encourage all members of our school community to stay safe online through regular e-safety updates for students and parents.

We have staff and trustees who are safer recruitment trained.

We have first aid trained staff in both North and South site.

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policies can be viewed on this link.