South Centre is sited on a four acre plot and consists of a Junior School building, a Senior School building and a further multi-purpose building (yet to be completed) which will house Physical Education, Technology and the main School Hall.

We are committed to providing up to date and relevant books, DVDs, online resources, IT hardware and software and research material to fully support the teachers in delivering the curriculum in an engaging and professional manner.



As a forward-thinking school committed to innovative learning and teaching, we are continually integrating new technology and teaching methodologies and we seek to utilise state of the art applications of IT such as the virtual classroom. Our use of video conferencing unites campuses across our global network and allows us to develop a good breadth of curriculum choice for our students. This is particularly effective in our Post 16 offer where high quality equipment and a dedicated support team provide the means by which this method of learning and teaching enhances the students’ independent learning skills through programmes involving Self-Directed Learning and opportunities for creative interaction between schools both in the UK and abroad


Caledonia Campus has been designed and will continue to evolve in order to promote the independent learning skills which are crucial to success in future life and the world of work. Alongside traditional classroom spaces, we have six video conferencing units; and all Sixth Form students are provided with personal laptops which they make use of during class in time set aside for problem-solving and self-directed study which takes place in a range of multi-functional learning areas.

We believe that staff and students should have access to a more than sufficient range of resources to support their teaching and learning, including libraries and online resources. We also use Moodle, a virtual learning environment to allow students to continue working on school assignments from home, to transfer work, and to communicate with their teachers and peers.


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