The school day is a living experience that students, teachers and parents enter into, share and enjoy to form a vibrant learning partnership.

Entrance Sign & Hills

Each day begins long before the students arrive. Careful planning and organisation is required not only to ensure each student arrives on time and ready for learning, but that the school is also ready to receive them. To us, things such as the uniform a child wears, the transport they use and the breakfast they have are all important things in making a day go well.
The Focus curriculum and timetable provide a common platform on which the school day is based, giving scope for our school to work together and share resources with other campuses. In the secondary schools, we currently operate six to seven periods of fifty minute lessons to facilitate a broad and appropriately allocated timetable across a wide range of subjects.

Junior school

Our primary school follows the Focus Curriculum inline with ‘Scottish Curriculum For Excellence’ guidelines. Students are enrolled at Year 3 after completing their earlier years with a local state school.

IMG-20150731-00933Junior SchoolIn Years 3-6 (Primary 3-6), there is a major focus on using assessment information to establish students’ potential. This information is used to plan their next teaching and learning steps. Individually tailored learning plans are implemented involving a very broad approach to different teaching mediums.

Our classes are small and of mixed ability.  Teachers are able to closely monitor individual progress and encourage and support those who are willing to push themselves.  This fits with our goal for developing self-directed learners with the skills, knowledge, attitudes and values for lifelong learning.


Year 7 (Primary 7) is the year of transition from junior school to secondary making the process of moving to the senior school as smooth as possible.

Secondary school

In Years 8-13 (S1-S6) Secondary courses are largely academic with achievement goals set according to national criteria. The majority attain these goals and are encouraged to continue with tertiary study once they leave school.

A significant advantage is gained through our networking with similar schools across the country enabling a wider selection of less common specialisms to be offered as choice subjects. The latest cutting edge technologies are used to deliver some of these courses via video conferencing.Senior SchoolIMG-20150731-00949

Literacy and numeracy are a major focus and an integrated approach is used to cover curriculum areas such as science, humanities and technology.

Caledonia Campus caters for all subjects as set out in the National Curriculum but electives available ensure students are able to develop themselves in all the specialisms.

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