Students are at the centre of our efforts and are simply the most important personnel in the entire Focus education system. We firmly believe that every student is an individual, having individual abilities, needs and learning styles that need to be specifically provided for.

At our schools, students have a clear sense of ownership, belonging and contribution to the good of the whole. Peer support and teamwork is strong, and this tends to spread across age ranges and year groups quite freely creating a genuine community feel to the environment.

Teachers consistently find they are creative, interested and converse well with adults.

We have a pro-active School Council that facilitates a structured approach to the power of student voice and allows it to have a meaningful impact on school organisation and activity. Students share in the wider school vision and often have a part in teacher interviews, curriculum changes and timetabling.

lunchtime-chessOur students are equipped with learning skills for life. They benefit from small classes. The School provides a safe and protective environment within which students can optimise their personal potential.

Students are encouraged to accept leadership roles and participate in community support initiatives to gain skills and aptitudes, complementing the school’s goal to develop responsible, active and informed citizens.

“The work can be hard, but I do enjoy it, and finished work does give me a sense of achievement.”

“I have a goal to reach, I have a support team behind me – and MY school is helping me to excel in everything I do.”

What do the students say about the new campus?

“It’s so good it feels like it isn’t really ours. But it is great & there is so much more space”


“Brilliant, exciting & very good fun”

“The new school is absolutely brilliant. As soon as you walk in the door you sense a new motivating atmosphere…”

“The library is bigger and I love reading so there are more more books for me to choose from”

“It has space for our garden”

“I like the new school because it is really smart and we have a big football pitch”


OneSchool Graduate Aims:

  • To learn how to learn.
  • To become a positive contributor to community, family & workplace.
  • To learn the skills to become self-directed, life-long learners.
  • To explore and develope personal potential.
  • To gain employability skills.
  • To demonstrate qualities of leadership.
  • To articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using a range of communication skills.
  • To be critical of information and technology.
  • To uphold Christian values.

Total Number of Students – 209

North Centre

  • Junior School – 21
  • Senior School – 38

South Centre

  • Junior School – 43
  • Senior School – 107


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