We have a focus on recruiting and retaining quality teachers and offer an attractive package with competitive remuneration, good student discipline, proven academic performance and small class sizes.

Many of our teachers have years of experience, teaching in both government and independent schools in Scotland, England and abroad. This breadth of diversity of professional background along with ongoing professional development provides Caledonia Campus with a strong teaching structure. Teaching in this environment along with small class sizes contributes greatly to job satisfaction and excellent student outcomes.

Caledonia Campus encourages our staff to participate in professional development and are committed to take every opportunity to be part of any professional learning initiatives along with providing a school-wide plan and courses.

What the teachers say:

“It is a great school community to be part of. Smaller class sizes, supportive staff, quality facilities & great students all result in an ideal work environment for teachers. With the School continuing to grow, I foresee it being an exciting place to be part of.”

“The Campus is fantastic & it is lovely to be part of such a hard working team”

“The energy & enthusiasm were great, while everyone was very friendly & welcoming to me as a new member of staff”

“I was deeply impressed by the warmth of the welcome that I received from both pupils & staff, by the obvious commitment of the staff to the pupils, and the pupils to the school & their own learning. The courtesy & manners of most pupils is another outstanding feature.”

Caledonia Staff

Mrs Claire Swail:                           Head Teacher

Miss Emma Davidson:                 Senior School Lead Teacher / History / North Years 9 & 10 Form Tutor

Mrs Kim Getty:                             Executive Assistant to Head Teacher & CA Team

North Centre Staff

Miss Fiona McCready:                 Year 3 & 4

Miss Mairi Stewart:                      Year 5 & 6

Miss Sandrine Cussac:                 Year 7 Form Tutor / French

Miss Miriam Sestayo:                   Year 8 Form Tutor / Support for Learning – Senior School

Miss Tonta Linden:                       Year 11 Form Tutor / Maths

Mr John Barclay:                          Year 12 & 13 Form Tutor / Science

Mrs Heather Ainslie:                    Support for Learning Assistant – Primary School

Miss Isla Anderson:                      English

Mrs Sarah Reid:                            School Secretary

South Centre Staff

Mrs Rona Smith:                           Year 3 Form Tutor

Miss Valentina Thores:                Year 4 Form Tutor

Mrs Natalie Gourlay:                    Year 5 Form Tutor

Mrs Anne Watt:                            Year 6 Form Tutor

Miss Shannon Ramsay:                Year 7 Form Tutor / Citizenship / Humanities

Mrs Alexandra Graham:              Year 8 Form Tutor / MFL – French

Mrs Claire Thornton:                   Year 9 Form Tutor / English

Mr Stephen Murphy:                   Year 10 Form Tutor / Citizenship / Humanities

Mrs Carla Bell:                              Year 11 Form Tutor / Food and Textile Technology

Mr Thomas Skelton:                     Year 12 Form Tutor / Progress Leader / PE

Mrs Anne Marie McKeown:        Year 13 Form Tutor / Business Studies / Economics

Mrs Sue Jamieson:                       History

Mr John Lightbody:                      Art and Design / ASN

Ms Grace Mackay:                        Building and Facilities

Mr Mark McConnell:                    English

Mrs Moira McLean:                      Maths

Mrs Marta Petrikova:                   LS Coordinator (Senior School) / CP Officer

Mrs Clare Richardson:                 Music

Mrs Sarah Symington:                 Teacher / Resource Leader

Mr Andrew Torney:                      Science Leader

Mr Graham Walker:                     PE

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