Support for Learning is a resource available to pupils, parents and teachers, offering support in overcoming barriers to ensure that all pupils achieve their full potential.

All teachers and Support for Learning staff in Caledonia Campus work together in providing continuity of effective support provision throughout the school. Advice and support are available to all pupils including those who have additional support needs, who have missed school for a lengthy period through illness, whose work is causing concern or who are gifted and able and require additional challenges.

Support for Learning is a collaborative process, involving the young person, parents, class and subject teachers, specialist staff and outside agencies working together to identify strengths and factors giving rise to additional support needs, plan and implement individualised targets, and help pupils to become successful and confident learners.

Support for Learning staff consult regularly with the Educational Psychologist and liaise with other health and educational professionals in implementing the ‘Getting It Right For Every Child’ national approach.

Support for Learning staff fulfill five roles:

  • Some pupils benefit from individual tuition or working in small groups with SfL staff on developing literacy and numeracy skills. Depending on a pupil’s needs, tuition can be timetabled as regular lessons during the school day or as blocks of study sessions.
  • SfL staff and subject teachers collaborate in monitoring progress of all pupils, sharing and developing support strategies, and providing support during assessments.
  • Consultation between SfL staff and teachers includes giving advice on context, resources and support strategies to provide an effective learning environment for all pupils.
  • When the needs arise, the SfL staff liaise with outside agencies in ensuring a targeted support intervention for any pupil with additional needs, short or long term.
  • SfL staff contribute to staff development by sharing of insight and experience, advising on resources, and delivering presentations during in-service training. The SfL staff has responsibility for disseminating relevant information to staff.

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