We follow a program of well planned, relevant and interesting school trips to enhance the curriculum across the subject areas. Education outside the classroom involves field trips and excursions that are undertaken as part of academic courses. These include visits to places and events of interest such as parliament, museums, castles & other places of historic & scientific significance, rivers, wildlife, nature reserves and other places of geological interest.


Older students have the curriculum enriched through visits and interaction with local businesses and industry.  Students have visited shipyards, wind farms and major commercial organisations and the school is very thankful for the support and training given.

We also arrange reward or team building trips particularly where specific goals have been reached or at strategic points in a cohort’s school life such as key stage transitions or exam completion.


DSCF1808 Ythan-River-Walk

Watch the North 2016 Talent Show Highlights in the following video:

Talent Show - Millden Jun-16

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