27 Jun

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To all at Caledonia North Campus


We thought we would send you a message to say how much we enjoyed our recent visit to Caledonia North Campus.


From the fantastic view as the taxi dropped us off at school to the great reception we received from the staff we thoroughly enjoyed our morning, which also included a visit from the local fire service !!!


Most of all we were both incredibly impressed with the maturity of all the students we met. It would be understandable if they were negative about maths but we found them to be very keen to learn and enthusiastic about next year.


We are both looking forward to being involved with your students next year and we have arranged for the Long Eaton and Millden students to meet via VC to get to know each other before we begin teaching. We have a tough decision to make though whether we call these classes Longden or Milleaton !!!


This is new ground for two schools to work so closely together in one subject across the whole age range and we know there will be some hurdles to overcome but we are both excited at the prospect of teaching your students and perhaps getting some of them to think that Maths is fun !!


Dave Berry

Stephen Elliott