05 Nov

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Motivational Awards

The Motivational Awards assembly was held on Wednesday 28th October.  Congratulations to the following students:

Year group Gold Silver
3/4 Amber Smith Dwayne Hill
5/6 Austin Knight Isla Hill
7/8/9 Kelsey Doughty Wyndham Doughty
10/11 Arne Ross Curtis Whiteside & Loren Woodcock (Joint)
12/13 Karl Ross Alexia Watkins

These awards are given to our students who have shone as role models in all areas of school activities such as leadership, academic achievement, management skills and fulfilling their potential. It is a motivational award, not specifically a reward for the highest achieving students but an award to motivate those who have set themselves to become achievers, recognising a change in attitude towards, or a renewed determination to reach their life goals.