09 Mar

  • By Admin

After landing in Luton airport soon after 8 on Wednesday morning, 16 Year 13 students were enthusiastically met by our Party Bus driver, Steve! With flashing lights and music blaring, we travelled to Westminster where we enjoyed a very amusing PMQ, during which we witnessed Theresa May’s famous ‘pantomime laugh’.

Shortly after, the Pret A Manger assistant became hysterical due to the overwhelming amount of food items that over-flowed the counter.  The next stop was the Imperial War museum where the Holocaust section gripped the attention of most while others made swift departures to the stairwell.

We then cruised down the Thames, suitably amused by the on-board commentator and passing tourist attractions.  Having docked at Tower Bridge pier we walked over the Tower Bridge and along South Bank, while enjoying caramelised nuts bought on the bridge.  We finally paid a visit to Borough Market where a wide range of foods from all over the world were tried and tested.  Ending the day on a high, Giraffe in Stansted airport was pushed to full capacity with 20 meals to provide in under 30 minutes!

A massive thanks to Dave and Anna Lindberg and Jake and Bonita Harvey for organising and supervising a day which was greatly enjoyed by all and will always be remembered.