28 Feb

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The Royal Highland Education Trust runs Countryside Initiatives for each area of Scotland. In the last week of January, our Year 5 students received the ‘Made in Forth Valley 4 Pancake Stack’ culinary challenge in preparation for Shrove Tuesday on the 28th February.

They received the following instructions:

  • It takes 4 ingredients to make pancakes – eggs, milk, flour and sugar.
  • It is 4 weeks until Shrove Tuesday
  • So here is your school challenge…Make a ‘4 pancake’ stack with locally made toppings. Your toppings must be sourced from producers in the Forth Valley area.
  • The School that creates the best combination will win the Forth Valley CI ‘Big Breakfast Shield’

Congratulations are due to Iona Flett, Hans Thomas and Kyle McKechnie who created the “best combination” and have won the ‘Big Breakfast Shield’ with their pancake stack.