23 Nov

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Caledonia Campus Senior School Virtual Merge Event

Wednesday 30th November 2016

All of the Senior School from Millden Centre will set off early Wednesday morning next week by coach, car and train to join up with Ochil Centre for a day of lessons and teambuilding culminating in a whole school photograph to mark the occasion.  Lessons will see students from each Centre in Science and Art and Design engaging in joint practical session with the benefit of two subject specialists.  Other classes will run alongside with the students able to share quality time with their whole group of peers.  This will help cement positive working partnerships for Caledonia as one school.

Adding to and complementing the academic team’s work, the Year 13 students have been working hard together to develop a programme of Team Building to bring Corum Raiders, Denon Warriors and Elistoun Troopers together as competitive cross centre teams.  Valuable House Points are at stake so we anticipate considerable enthusiasm in over the day.

Well done to our Student Leadership Team for pushing for this initiative and thanks to our flexible team of staff who will travel for two and three quarter hours to ensure the success of the merge and who will welcome the opportunity to work closely as the Caledonia Staff Team!